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DIY Bedroom Remote Control Holder

September 23, 2013

HELLO MY QUIRKY CRAFTIES!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, I’m so happy to be writing to you all again!!! It feels so nourishing to immerse myself in gratefulness within my everyday life ;)

I’ve had a CRAZY Spring and Summertime and now that Autumn is here, I’m back with even more quirky and crafty ideas to enrich your lives!!!!  I hope you’re as excited as I am!!! Let’s kick it right off with this GREAT new DIY idea I invented a few days ago. Do you ever find yourself reclining in your bedroom oasis, recharging emotionally (sooooo important), and maybe even snuggling with your loved ones ;) But when you want to turn on the tv, you can’t find the remote ANYWHERE?!?!???? Goodbye to your hard-earned serenity, hello to FRUSTRATION as you rip up the covers and crawl around on the floor looking for the stupid thing!!!

I’ve been there too girlies, one too many times. So I decided to channel my negative energy into a positive creative outlet (not to brag but I’m really committed to healthy choices ;) ) and create this DIY Bedroom Remote Control Holder!!! Now all my remotes live just an arm’s reach away, and BONUS, they don’t even clutter up my bedside table!!!

Supplies: Pesky remotes, bed with flat-topped headboard (VERY IMPORTANT)
1. Gather your pesky remotes—this might take a while! I’ll wait right here!! :)
2. Line your remotes up on your headboard (see photo below for inspiration)
3. Turn your remotes button-side down, so the buttons act as a sticky surface and keep the remotes securely lined up (THIS STEP IS CRUCIAL!!!!!!!)

Voila! You’re all finished!!! Now lean back, take a moment for gratitude and centeredness, and when you’re ready for some remote controlled entertainment, just reach above you and grab that remote!!! You’re welcome and I hope I’ve inspired you to create beauty in the everyday :)

DIY remote holder

DIY Mulled Cider

December 10, 2012

Hello, or should I say, mull-o! ;) my dearest quirky crafties!!! I hope everyone is enjoying the first cozy flutters of wintertime as much as I am. There’s a bite in the air and the snow is piling down from the cotton candy clouds onto the earthen soil, only to melt away in the coming springtime. Sorry, the wintry season just makes me feel graceful and poetic ;)

One of my favorite things about winter is the smells. Cinnamon, cloves, apples, pumpkin (the fake flavor, NOT the real thing, ew)… The season is full of warm, cozy, luxurious scents for us to indulge in! And, since they are food smells, there’s no better place to indulge in these scents than the kitchen!!!!!

One of my most favoritest winter bevvies is mulled cider. The wafting aromas of clove, cinnamon, and nutmeg; the beautiful tawny roasted color of the cider; the warmth of the mug in your hand… Am I using semicolons right?! ;) But anyway, I truly can’t get enough of this classic wintertime drink. Except for one problem: it takes FOREVER to make!!!! You have to buy the cider or juice, assemble a little pouch of spices, and slowly mull the spices and the cider on the stove… By the time it’s done, it’s nearly Christmas! So I created this DIY mulled cider recipe that WILL smell amazing but WON’T take a lifetime to make. All it takes is five minutes, and then you’ll have a warm steamy cup of mulled perfection right in your wintry-cold hands!!!

Supplies: mug or glass, apple juice, cinnamon sticks from the grocery store (one for normal flavor, two for a full-bodied palate)
1. Pour a single serving of apple juice into the mug or glass
2. Place the cinnamon sticks in with the apple juice (see photo for inspiration)
3. Put the mug or glass in the microwave for a few minutes (DANGER WARNING: MAKE SURE YOUR MUG OR GLASS IS MICROWAVE SAFE!!!!!)
4. Take mug or glass out of the microwave and let it cool until you can touch it without burning yourself :p

Et voila! Freshly mulled cider, ready to drink!!!!! Take a deep breath of the wafting cinnamon spice aroma, cast your eyes on the falling snow outside, and enjoy your decadent treat ;)


DIY Yoga Mat

October 22, 2012

First off, thank you soooooooo much to The Wag for publishing my DIY Yoga Mat post!!! You can see it here on their website. <3 you waggies!! Now on to the crafts :)

Hello and namaste my quirky crafties!!! I hope everygirly is having a great fall so far :) I’ve been focusing on continuing my journey of self-exploration, because as they always say, you can’t take a journey in a single footstep. Unless, not to brag, you’re truly capable of taking in your surroundings and being in the present moment… But that’s hard to do for some people :)

Anyway, sorry to get off-topic… I just think it’s soooooo important for people to go on journeys of self-exploration. So important, in fact, that I wanted to share this DIY yoga mat idea that I invented!!! As everyone knows, yoga is a wonderful way to get in touch with your true self. I practice yoga in a studio at least once every 3-4 weeks, and I feel incredibly balanced and serene after my time on the mat. So balanced and serene, in fact, that I decided to start practicing yoga once a week at home, too. Talk about getting off the slow, bumpy road to self-exploration, and merging right onto the autobahn!!! :) (Feel free to google “autobahn” and educate yourself because global knowledge is also really important!!)

I love those squishy foam yoga mats at the studios, but they’re very expensive to buy for your personal home use. And just because we’re on journeys of self-exploration (…we all are by now, right?!), doesn’t mean we have to abandon our quirky craftiness!!! The two main reasons to use yoga mats are: 1) to keep your hands from slip-sliding around, and 2) to protect you from your filthy carpets, guilty as charged ;) So I created this fabulous DIY yoga mat that satisfies both needs, while costing NOTHING extra to you! (Assuming you already have a towel at home… I sincerely hope you do!!! :p)

Supplies: Full-sized towel, comfy yoga clothes, willingness to become emotionally vulnerable (not to brag)
1. Find a spot in your house to practice yoga, ideally with at least a foot of space between your mat and any sharp corners and/or jagged blades
2. Unfold your towel and place it flat on the floor
3. Smooth out any wrinkles in your towel
4. After completing final physical and emotional preparations, step onto your towel and begin your practice (see photo for inspiration)

And voila – your towel has been transformed into a yoga mat!!! It’s as simple as that :) I want to close today’s post by placing my hands at my heart-center and then typing Namaste: to you, thanking you for reading and being inspired; to me, thanking myself for the gifts I share with the world. Til next time, stay serene my quirky crafties!!!


DIY Lapdesk

August 28, 2012

Good morning quirky crafties!!! Today is a bit of a “meta” post (google it, it’s important to learn every day :P) because I am currently using the DIY project I’m blogging about today to type out the post about it!!!! Ow, my head hurts ;)

Anyway, enough philosophy for one day! I just wanted to share a great project I invented that’s really changed my whole digital creating experience. Do you girlies know the feeling when you want to kick back in bed or on the sofa and just create with your lappy, but you can’t because your computer is too darn hot for your legskin??? Well, if you don’t, you’re weird and stupid. No offense but it’s just really hard for me to understand people who aren’t open to their creative spirit ;)  But if you DO, then you’re like me!!! OUCH, right?!?!

As we all hopefully know, there are two problems here. One, you need to keep your lappy away from your skin, so the heat doesn’t touch you. Two, you need to keep your lappy on a hard surface, aka not my thighs ;) ;) ;) so it can ventilate and cool down quicker. You might feel hopeless right now, but fear not: You can solve both of these problems together with a lapdesk!!!!!!

Thankfully I came up with this easy and elegant DIY lapdesk project that’s way cheaper, just as effective, and much more streamlined than those expensive, dumb-looking, corporate-zombie lapdesks. (I’d include links to what I’m talking about, but I don’t even want to direct any clicks to the Big Business sweatshop industrial complex.) (google it and educate yourself :P) Just follow the instructions below, and your thighs and creative spirit will both be thanking me in no time!!!

Supplies: Your lappy, a big coffee table book (or any book that’s bigger than your lappy)
1. Make sure your coffee table book is wider and longer than your lappy (IMPORTANT)
2. Also make sure your coffee table book isn’t TOO heavy, otherwise it will hurt your legs :)
3. Place your lappy on top of the book, making sure that all four little “feet” on your lappy are touching the book and raising your lappy up off the book’s surface (see photo for ideas)
4. Carefully move the stacked items onto your lap

VOILA, it’s that easy!! Now your legs will stay cool while your creative spirit leaps and soars across the screen ;) Thank you for letting me be a part of your inspiration!!!

DIY Two-Toned Colorblock Window Curtains

August 14, 2012

Hey quirky crafties!!! First I want to shout out to our quirky crafty soulmates at The Wag, who featured this DIY idea on their blog today! Thank you The Wag!!!!!

But anyways, back to me: MAN IS IT HOT OUTSIDE, am I right?! It is 96 degrees where I am, so yes I am right. Please don’t be difficult. Phew, ok, sorry to lose my temper! It’s hard to stay calm and collected when I’m creating ;)

I wanted to write and tell you girlies about a great DIY curtain idea I invented. It all started when my bedroom blinds fell out of their brackets. Yikes!!! Too much tugging! ;) At first I thought I was doomed to a summer of changing in the dark so my neighbors wouldn’t see me nakie. I am an independent warriorette, but fixing things with tools is still beyond me :P But then I thought, forget the blinds! You can craft your way out of this!!!

I’m really into following through and honoring my creative spirit every day, so I put on my quirky crafty hat and came up with a fabulous DIY curtain solution. I discovered that I had the perfect materials just lying around the house, right under my nose: Towels! Once I selected my materials and color palette, I whipped up this two-toned colorblock curtain with an upper sun panel in no time. It’s really easy to be creative when you open your eyes up to unexpected possibilities :)

This DIY guide covers a two-toned colorblock pattern. Feel free to go monochromatic (one towel) for a more subtle, polished look, or you could even go tri-toned (three towels) for a fun, flirty look. It’s all up to you! I’m just here to open up your creative floodgates! :)

Supplies: Window with a ledge thingie in the middle; towels (color and quantity variable)

1. Bring your towels to the room with the bare window, silly!
2. Decide which towel will be the anchor color (seafoam in my photo) and which will be the garnish color (marigold in my photo)
3. Starting with your anchor color, line up the towel edge against the window edge, being sure to leave room below for your a/c if necessary
4. Tuck the extra top fabric of the towel in behind the window ledge thingy (see photo for tips)
5. Repeat with your garnish color towel
6. Be sure to leave some room between the window ledge seal thingy and and the top edge of the window… That’s how you get the beautiful natural light pouring in through the upper sun panel
7. Voila! You’re done! Now turn on all the lights and take off all your clothes!!! ;) ;)

I just love how the sun streams through the top sun panel, and also peeks through the terry material just enough to give a tease of light without being too see-through. Anyway, you’re welcome for the inspiration. Until next time, stay quirky and crafty out there ladies!

Quirky berry bowl

May 23, 2012

I’m a huge fan of healthy yummy berries, as all quirky crafty girlies should be :) No judgments :))) But the obstacles for serving can be high: dumping berries on a plate is impractical, dumping berries in a bowl is a waste of a clean dish, and most fruit bowls are too big for a single serving!! So I wanted to share with you a quirky, fun berry bowl that I invented this morning that only takes a second to set up, and can hold all your berries!

Supplies: Berries from the indoor market, still in their plastic crate (IMPORTANT); paper towels

1. Open up the top lid of the plastic berry crate

2. Rinse the berries under your kitchen sink spout — VERY IMPORTANT: DO NOT REMOVE THE BERRIES FROM THE PLASTIC CRATE

3. Fold up paper towels to make a little mat for the berry crate

4. Place your washed berry crate on the paper towel mat

5. Voila!!! You’ve made a quirky, unique berry bowl in seconds, with no dishes to wash! I love how the clear plastic looks nouveau yet very classic ;)  Now dig in already!!!

DIY compact dish drying rack

May 15, 2012

Not to brag but I’ve been bringing lots of home-cooked lunches to work lately, AND I’ve been using sustainable materials such as bowls and forks to lessen my impact on the earth. It’s hard and really inconvenient, but it’s the most important work we can do :)

Of course, all that goodness comes with a big fat downside… DISHES. Who wants to lug sustainable materials from home, to work, back home for a wash every day?! What a chore! So I strapped on my DIY thinking cap and came up with this ingenious solution: Wash and dry my dishes at work!!!! With this DIY compact dish drying rack, you can dry a lunch setting’s worth of sustainable materials right at your desk. The earth AND your purse shoulder will thank you!!

Supplies: Sustainable materials (bowls, mugs, silverware, etc); several sheets of thick paper towel from your kitchen at work

1. Wash all your sustainable materials at work in the sink

2. Spread out the paper towels on a flat surface at your desk, stacking at least 3-4 towels thick

3. Place your sustainable materials on the towel stack

4. Voila!!! Just sit back, relax, and let airflow do all the work… And enjoy lunch tomorrow! ;)